Economic Analysis Series No.167
Estimation of the household sub-sector accounts of SNA

March, 2003
Kouji Hamada
(Economic and Social Research Institute,Cabinet Office)

The full text is written in Japanese.


As the household sector as a whole is very heterogeneous economically and socially, it is necessary to separate more homogeneous groups within the sector (United Nations et al. "System of National Accounts 1993"19.9).

In this paper by sub-sectors of households according to size of income and net worth of the household, occupation and age of the household head, industry in which the household head works, number of the household members and earners etc. the allocation of primary income account, the secondary distribution of income account, the redistribution of income in kind account, the use of income account and the balance sheet account in 1994 and 1999 are estimated. The total of the sub-sector estimates is close to the household sector figures of SNA.

According to these sub-sector estimates, the inequality of primary income in 1999 spread from 1994, but the inequality of disposable income and adjusted disposable income did not spread so much because the redistribution effect of social security benefits in cash and compulsory social contributions increased. The differential of net worth reduced slightly because land assets decreased.

Keywords: SNA, household accounts, distribution

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