Kyoji Fukao, Tsutomu Miyagawa, Hiroki Kawai, and Tomohiko Inui

March 2004

The Japan Industry Productivity Database (JIP Database) was originally compiled by Kyoji Fukao (Hitotsubashi University), Tsutomu Miyagawa (Gakushuin University), Hiroki Kawai (Keio University), Tomohiko Inui (Nippon University), several economists at ESRI, and graduate students from Keio, Hitotsubashi, Tsukuba and other universities as part of the ESRI (Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan) research project "Japan's Potential Growth.."

The database contains annual information on 84 sectors, including 49 non-manufacturing sectors, from 1970 to 1998. These sectors cover the whole Japanese economy. The database includes detailed information on factor inputs, annual nominal and real input-output tables, and some additional statistics, such as R&D stock, capacity utilization rate, Japan's international trade statistics by trade partner, inward and outward FDI, etc., at the detailed sectoral level.

ESRI and the HI-STAT project (A 21st-Century COE Program, Research Unit for Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences) team of Hitotsubashi University are collaborating now on (1) the extension of the period covered from 1970-98 to 1970-2001 or 1970-2002, (2) the revision from 1968 SNA base to 1993 SNA base, and (3) revisions of labor input and other data.

The ESRI-HISTAT Japan Industrial Productivity Database (1970-98)

The most recent version of the database is available at the following sites.


The details of the database are explained in
Fukao, Inui, Kawai, and Miyagawa, "Sectoral Productivity and Economic Growth in Japan, 1970-98: An Empirical Analysis Based on the JIP Database," forthcoming in Productivity and Growth: East Asia Seminar on Economics Volume 13, in Takatoshi Ito and Andrew Rose (eds.), The University of Chicago Press, 2004,
A PDF version of the paper is downloadable at
"Sectoral Productivity and Economic Growth: 1970-98," (in Japanese) Economic Analysis No. 170, ESRI, 2003.
More information on the database is available at the web site of the HI-STAT project.別ウィンドウで開きます。

Contact Information
Please send all inquiries to:
Tsuyoshi Furukawa, ESRI, Cabinet Office
Yutaka Harada, ESRI, Cabinet Office
Hideki Kusakabe, ESRI, Cabinet Office
Kyoji Fukao, the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University


The database contains the following variables. (Replace "variables" with: "data"/"types of data"/"information". Either one of these would be fine. I've ranked them in the order of my preference.)

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