ERI Discussion Paper Series No.82
Protection Data Calculation for Quantitative Analysis of MAPA (Manila Action Plan for APEC)

February 1998
Shinji Yoshioka
(Department of Research Cooperation, Economic Research Institute, Economic Planning Agency)
Masayuki Sawada
(Department of Research Cooperation, Economic Research Institute, Economic Planning Agency)


APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) released the analysis of the impact of trade liberalization based on measures reported in the Manila Action Plan for APEC (MAPA). This paper is prepared for the presentation of the detailed protection database employed for that analysis. APEC (1997) was executed based on quantitative evaluation of trade liberalization measures reported in the MAPA and trade facilitation measures. This paper focuses on the quantification of the former measures and reports on the detailed calculation processes and results.

This paper comprises five chapters; Chapter 1 summarizes APEC actions for trade liberalization and the feature of the GTAP database version 3.0; Chapter 2 surveys trade liberalization measures included in Individual Action Plans (IAPs) of the MAPA; Chapter 3 provides some principles for quantification of IAPs; Chapter 4 focuses on practical calculations processes and results; and Chapter 5 outlines some points for discussion. Moreover, the most detailed tariff data, according to the classification of goods and services in the GTAP database version 3.0, are available in Appendix 2 of this paper and in Microsoft Excel format.

Structure of the whole text (PDF-Format 2file)

  1. Abstract別ウィンドウで開きます。(PDF-Format 298 KB)
  2. page1
    1. Introduction
    1. page1
      1.1 APEC Trade Liberalization Measures
    2. page2
      1.2 GTAP Database
  3. page3
    2. Trade Liberalization Measures Included in Individual Action Plans
    1. page4
      2.1 Measures Committed in the Uruguay Round Negotiations
    2. page5
      2.2 Unilateral Measures Beyond the UR Commitments
    3. page6
      2.3 Information Technology Agreement (ITA)
  4. page7
    3. Quantification of Individual Action Plans (IAPs)
    1. page7
      3.1 General Principles
    2. page8
      3.2 Individual Economy's Principle of Controlled Data
  5. page9
    4. Process and Results of Calculations
    1. page9
      4.1 Data Sources
    2. page10
      4.2 Process of Calculation
    3. page12
      4.3 Results of Calculations
  6. page13
    5. Points of Discussion
    1. page13
      5.1 Aggregtion Weight
    2. page14
      5.2 Liberalization Effect of Binding Tariffs
    3. page15
      5.3 Database Time Points
    4. page15
      5.4 Front-Loading of Measures Committed in the Uruguay Round
    5. page16
      5.5 Tariff Equivalent of Agricultural Commodities
  7. page44
    Appendix 1: Calculation of PSE with OECD Methodology
  8. page46
    Appendix 2: Results of Tariff Rates Calculation
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