ESRI Discussion Paper Series No.221
The Effect of Knowledge Spillover on Japanese Firm's Productivity

Satoshi Nakano
Research Fellow, Keio Economic Observatory, Keio University
Banri Ito
Lecturer, School of Economics, Senshu University

The full text is written in Japanese.


This study uses micro-data on research and development, and finance of Japanese firms from 1995 to 2005 and examines the effect of knowledge spillover on the performance of firms. Four types of knowledge spillover are estimated and results of quantitative analysis on following the two topics are provided. Does the spillover contribute to improve firm's productivity? How much the contribution there is? The results indicate that there is positive impact of the spillover on firm's performance and the contribution is not negligible. The policy that stimulates firms' research and development activities could improve firms' productivity not only by their own R&D activities, but also through the knowledge spillover.

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