ESRI Discussion Paper Series No.260
A study of post-modern typed planning model in master plan
From the two case studies "Imagine Matsudo","Odawara City"

Soshiro OHSUMI
Professor of Economics Kanto-gakuin University

The full text is written in Japanese.


There are two approaches to make a management style on the basis of post-modern political and administrative system. The first approach is positive approach to create a decision-making process based on volunteer, independency, and creativity of citizen. The second one is deliberative democracy, to reflect the will and needs of silent majority on making a decision of politics, and planning public works.

This paper contains a study on the application of the two approaches to producing master plan in local authorities. From the two case studies, "Imagine Matsudo", "Odawara City", a general model of decision-making process on post-modern political and administrative system is recognized.

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