ESRI Discussion Paper Series No.268
Environmental Conservation Simulation for Tianjin in China(II)
-Health Damage Reduction by Desulfurization Activities of Small Sources-

Hirofumi Kito
Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Yokkaichi University
Satoshi Nakano
Researcher, The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training
Yuji Sakai
Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Kogakuin University

The full text is written in Japanese.


The air pollution of SO2 due to coal combustion has been a serious environmental problem in China. The objective of this study is to evaluate desulfurization activities to reduce air pollutions and health damages and to propose an optimal environmental policy in Tianjin. The computer simulation models are used to predict the concentrations of SO2 and the health damages in every 1km by 1km mesh in Tianjin. This study investigates the SO2 emissions from heat supply system, medium and small plants of industrial sectors and household sectors. In order to reduce the emissions of SO2, we will examine the installations of simple flue gas desulfurization equipments and introductions of the technologies for biomass utilization.

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