ESRI Discussion Paper Series No.269
Environmental Conservation Simulation for Tianjin in China (III)
-Introduction of environmental and energy technology suitable for city and agricultural area-

Yuji Sakai
Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Kogakuin University
Satoshi Nakano
Researcher, The Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training
Hirofumi Kito
Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Yokkaichi University

The full text is written in Japanese.


In this research, the environmental and energy technologies suitable for both city and rural area in China are introduced and the effects of environmental improvement due to the installation of these technologies are evaluated. Tianjin city are selected as the area that have both city and rural area and simple wet desulfurization equipment, coal bio-briquette, heat supply system (heat pump), and biogas digester are selected as environmental technologies. The effect of salt-affected soil amelioration using desulfurization by-products and the reduction of CO2 emission by both afforestation and the installation of biogas digesters are evaluated. As a result, about 1/3 of the total salt-affected soil in Tianjin are ameliorated and the increase in agricultural products are confirmed. Next, the reduction of CO2 emission in case of both the afforestation in soil ameliorated area and the introduction of biogas digesters in rural area are approximately 1.7%. These results contribute the reduction of CO2 emission. Moreover, residues from biogas digester are effective as fertilizer and contribute the increase of agricultural products and cost reduction of fertilizer.

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