ESRI Discussion Paper Series No.304
Impact of School Quality on Student Achievements: Evidence from a Twin Survey in Japan

Makiko Nakamuro
Associate Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University
Takashi Oshio
Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University
Tomohiko Inui
Professor, College of Economics, Nihon University


This paper attempted to measure the causal effect of high school quality on academic achievement by estimating education production function in Japan. The authors combined school quality measures retrieved from official statistics with the large sample of twins collected through the web-based survey. This combined dataset enabled us to overcome selection bias and control for unobserved family and genetic characteristics of an individual. The results drawn from the empirical result suggest that school quality at the high school level are not associated with student achievements, but are associated with earnings measured in later life. Therefore, our answer to the specific causal question, does school quality matter in Japan, is “no” for academic achievements, but “yes” for labor market outcomes. The results also show that unobserved family components may play a crucial role in determining academic achievements.

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    Empirical Models
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    Empirical Results
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      Main results
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      Effects on Labor Market Outcomes
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    Table 1: Household Educational Expenditures on Schools and Shadow Education
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    Table 2: Descriptive Statistics
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    Table 3-1: Empirical Results (OLS, Entire Sample)
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    Table 3-2: Empirical Results (Twin-Fixed Effects, Entire Sample)
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    Table 3-3: Empirical Results (OLS, MZ Twins)
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    Table 3-4: Empirical Results (Twin-Fixed Effects, MZ Twins)
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    Table 3-5: Empirical Results (OLS, DZ Twins)
  14. page33
    Table 3-6: Empirical Results (Twin-Fixed Effects, DZ Twins)
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    Table 3-7: Empirical Results (Twin-Fixed Effects)
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