ESRI Discussion Paper Series No.307
A Study on Creating Innovative Fundamentals Using Cutting-edge Technologies: Toward a Safer Less-Fearful Society

Takashi Murata
Executive Research Fellow, Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office
Michiyo Kitaoka
Research Officer, Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office
Kumie Nojima
Economic and Social Research Institute, Cabinet Office


The future of Japanese society is going to depend on two trends: the rapid aging of our citizens, which is unprecedented in human history, and something called “individual editorial control”.

These trends—like them or not—have permeated deeply into Japan. We need to develop innovative fundamentals that create a safer society with far less fear.

In this report we discuss ways to improve society with the use of cutting-edge technologies such as information and communication technology that allows individuals to become more aware of the power that information can have over their own lives. One example is the employment of radiological sciences and nuclear medicine toward non-invasive medical care for our senior citizens.

In this study, considering the radiation-related fields, we found it important to converge the results of various R&D activities for the realization of a safer and less-fearful society.

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