ESRI Discussion Paper in 2005

Number with * means the full text is written in Japanese.

ESRI Discussion Paper No.151-No.156
No.156* "Wage Offer and Vacancy" - Source of Friction in the Japanese Labor Market -
Yuko Ueno, Ryo Kambayashi   November,2005
No.155* Local Government Bond and Fiscal Discipline of Local Governments - Country Experience and lessons
Takero Doi, Tomoko Hayashi, Nobuyuki Suzuki   September,2005
No.154* Local Government Bond and Local Financial Institutions - Surveys on Local Financial Institutions and its Policy Implications -
Takero Doi, Tomoko Hayashi, Nobuyuki Suzuki   September,2005
No.153* A PPP Measured Large Economy is Compatible with High Headline Growth Rates?(A High Growth Rate and a Large Discrepancy between the PPP and the Market Exchange Rate)
Noriki Hirose   July,2005
No.152* The ESRI Short-Run Macroeconometric Model of Japanese Economy (2005 version) - Basic Structure, Multipliers, and Economic Policy Analyses -
Keiko Murata, Tatsuo Saito, Takeshi Tanabe, Kouichirou Iwamoto   July,2005
No.151 Do Depositors Respond to Bank Risks as Expected? Evidence from Japanese Financial Institutions in the Banking Crisis
Masahiro Hori, Yasuaki Ito, Keiko Murata   July,2005
ESRI Discussion Paper No.141-No.150
No.150* To what extent has financial market integration advanced in Asia?
Masaaki Kawagoe, Takuya Miyamoto, Tomomi Tsuruta   June,2005
No.149* Will the Introduction of Surcharges to the Securities and Exchange Law Change the Japanese Legal System? - Issues Concerning Surcharges under the Securities and Exchange Law and the Antimonopoly Act -
Ken Shiraishi   June,2005
No.148 Supplier-Induced Demand in Japan's At-home Care Industry:Evidence from Micro-level Survey on Care Receivers
Haruko Noguchi, Satoshi Shimizutani   June,2005
No.147 Physician-Induced Demand for Treatments for Heart Attack Patients in Japan: Evidence from the Tokai Acute Myocardial Study (TAMIS)
Haruko Noguchi, Satoshi Shimizutani, Yuichiro Masuda   June,2005
No.146* General Equilibrium Model for the Japanese Economy with Monopolistic Competitionunder Increasing Return to Scale
Hirofumi Kawasaki, Kanemi Ban   June,2005
Ayano Sato   June,2005
No.144* How can IT raise the Productivity linked with Workplace Organization in Japan?
Kazunori Minetaki   June,2005
No.143* Deflation Expectation, Financial System, and Decline in Money Multiplier
Yasuyuki Iida   May,2005
No.142* The Oil Price-Macroeconomy Relationship and its Historical Changes
Akira Maeda   May,2005
No.141 Estimating Imputed Rent For Owner-occupied Dwellings in the Japanese System of National Accounts
Haruhito Arai   May,2005
ESRI Discussion Paper No.131-No.140
No.140* Rise in Labor Income Inequality with increasing numbers of freeters
Kiyoshi Ota   May,2005
No.139* Japan's Household Saving Rate and the Bonus Systems
Satoshi Shimizutani, Masahiro Hori   May,2005
No.138* Corporate Organizations and Telework: A quantitative analysis
Yuko SHOZUGAWA   May,2005
No.137* Declines in the Credit Multiplier Due to Instability in the Financial System
Keiichiro Kobayashi   May,2005
No.136 EMPLOYMENT POLICY AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE An Empirical Analysis on the Stakeholder Model in Japan
Naohito Abe, Satoshi Shimizutani   April,2005
No.135* Relations between administrative monitoring system to cope with corporate scandals and market competition situation
Ken Shiraishi   April,2005
No.134* Introductory analysis of the relationship between the compliance programs of the Japanese corporations and their legal responsibilities - the result of the investigation based on the questionnaire into their attitudes towards the relationship and the prospects of the desirable one -
Takeyoshi Imai, Ken Shiraishi, Daisaku Okada   April,2005
No.133 Price Expectations and Consumption under Deflation: Evidence from Japanese Household Survey Data
Masahiro Hori, Satoshi Shimizutani   April,2005
No.132 Overseas R&D Activities by Japanese Multinational Enterprises: Causes, Impacts, and Interaction with Parent Firms
Yasuyuki Todo, Satoshi Shimizutani   March,2005
No.131* Distributor's margins and GDP
Hideyuki Suzuki   March,2005
ESRI Discussion Paper No.127-No.130
No.130* Factor decomposition of fluctuation in GDP deflator using SNA IO-Tables
Hideyuki Suzuki   March,2005
No.129* Estimation of the 1989 Household Sub-sector Accounts of SNA
Kouji Hamada   March,2005
No.128* A Long-term Projection of Demand for At-home Care Services in Japan (Revision)
Satoshi Shimizutani, Haruko Noguchi   February,2005
No.127* How Does Information Technology Pay Off ?
Firm-level Evidence in Organizational Structures and Human Resource Management

Akihiko Shinozaki   February,2005
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