ESRI Discussion Paper in 2006

Number with * means the full text is written in Japanese.

ESRI Discussion Paper No.171-No.172
No.172* Wage Disparity in Japan : A Cross-Country Comparison
Kiyoshi Ota   December,2006
No.171* Redistribution of Personal Income in Japan : A Cross-Country Comparison
Kiyoshi Ota   December,2006
ESRI Discussion Paper No.161-No.170
No.170* A Study of China's 11th Five-Year Plan -In Contrast With the 10th Five-Year Plan-
Osamu Tanaka   October,2006
No.169 Trends in Worker Displacement Penalties in Japan: 1991-2002
Michael Bognanno, Ryo Kambayashi   October,2006
No.168* Review of the 16 Economic Mechanisms of the EMU - 15 years after "One Market, One Money"-
Kiyoshi Takata   July,2006
No.167* Recent Developments of the Japanese Economy Seen from the National Accounts
Hiroshi Doihara, Katsuhiko Masubuchi, Masaaki Maruyama, Shuji Hasegawa   July,2006
No.166* The Contributions of IT-related Production Factors in Japanese Companies: The Estimation of Excess Returns
Futoshi Kurokawa   June,2006
No.165* Happiness Research: A Review--from a viewpoint of low fertility in Japan
Ken Shiraishi, Sayuri Shiraishi   June,2006
No.164* Effective Corporate Reforms with Information Technology: Logit Model Analysis on Business Process Reengineering, Business Unit Restructuring, and Human Resource Management
Akihiko Shinozaki   June,2006
No.163* Russia's Structural Reforms -1986~2006, 20 years after the start of Gorbachev's "perestroika"-
Saori Imoto   June,2006
No.162 The Effect of Age at School Entry on Education and Income
Daiji Kawaguchi   June,2006
No.161 The Bound Estimate of the Gender Wage Convergence under Employment Compositional Change
Daiji Kawaguchi, Hisahiro Naito   May,2006
ESRI Discussion Paper No.157-No.160
No.160 Vacancy Market Structure and Matching Efficiency
Ryo Kambayashi, Yuko Ueno   February,2006
No.159* Harder administrative sanction and the preferable way to "the burden of proof" and "the standard of proof"
Ken Shiraishi, Atsushi Yamashita   February,2006
No.158* An Investigation of Foreign Workers in Japan by Municipal Data --Their Regional Distributions and Effects on Regional Economies--
Masaaki Kawagoe, Ayumu Hoshino   February,2006
No.157* Application of strategic management model to Japan's local authoritie    Based on SWOT analysis
Soshiro Ohsumi   February,2006
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