ESRI Discussion Paper in 2007

Number with * means the full text is written in Japanese.

ESRI Discussion Paper No.191-No.193
No.193 Is Retail Service Productivity Really Low in Japan?-- Numerical experiment based on Shepard's model --
Takanobu Nakajima   December,2007
No.192* Does the Difference Between "Corporate interest" and "Personal interest" in Corporate Crime Influence Sentencing? -- Econometric Analysis of Sentencing Factors in the Corporate Tax Evasion
Ken Shiraishi, Sayuri Shiraishi, Atsushi Yamashita, Takaaki Murakami,   December,2007
No.191 The Reaction of Household Expenditure to an Anticipated Income Change:Clean Evidence from Bonus Payments to Public Employees in Japan
Masahiro Hori, Satoshi Shimizutani   November,2007
ESRI Discussion Paper No.181-No.190
No.190* Major Problems on choice of Child Tax Credit - Support for families with children through Income Tax system
Atsushi Yamashita   August,2007
No.189* Integration Course in the German Immigration Law Current Situation and Challenges
Shin Maruo   August,2007
No.188* Public Communications - Current Situation and Future Challenges of the Government of Japan
Hideaki Shiroyama, Yukihisa Kihou, Yoko Miyazaki   August,2007
No.187* Could Money in the Showa Depression Era Be Controlled by Base Money?
Yutaka Harada, Ayano Sato   July,2007
No.186* Global Trends in Innovation Policy: A Survey Analysis
Banri Ito, Masatoshi Kato, Takashi Nakagawa   June,2007
No.185 Business Cycle Fluctuations in Japanese Macroeconomic Time Series:1980-2000
Satoshi Urasawa    June,2007
No.184* Foreigners and Immigrants in Hesse, Germany:Current Situation and Integration Policy
Shin Maruo   June,2007
No.183* The Analysis of Soft Budget Constraints in Local Allocation Tax: Determination of Hosei-keisu in Ordinary Expenditure
Takeshi Miyazaki   May,2007
No.182* Study on Happiness; Subjective Well-Being and Economic Growth
Yoshiyuki Sodekawa,Takeshi Tanabe   May,2007
No.181* Female happiness decision factor related with child care: A non-linear panel analysis
Sayuri Shiraishi,Ken Shiraishi   April,2007
ESRI Discussion Paper No.173-No.180
No.180* Is the Consensus Forecast Just the Average?-- Re-examining an Evaluation of the ESP Forecast --
Masaaki Kawagoe   April,2007
No.179* A Comparative Study of Modernizing Government and Public Service Reforms: Analysis of the "Canada Model" and the Lessons for Japan
Osamu Koike, Ph.D.   April,2007
No.178* A Comparative Study of the World's Natural Disaster Insurance Systems:Implications for the Earthquake Insurance System of Japan
Akihisa Oda   April,2007
No.177* What are the Economic Losses Caused by Catastrophic Disaster?
Toshiya Uenoyama, Nobuyuki Arai   April,2007
No.176* Which Was More Important During the Showa Depression:Fiscal Policy or Monetary Policy?
Yutaka Harada, Ayano Sato, Masahiko Nakazawa   March,2007
No.175* The Analysis on the effects of ICT (Information Communication Technology) capital assets in fiscal year 2001 or 2002
Hiromatsu Takeshi, Kobayashi Minoru   February,2007
No.174* Contributions of Bank Loans and Capital Market to Recovery from the Showa Depression
Yutaka Harada, Kumi Suzuki-Loeffelholz   January,2007
No.173* The ESRI Short-Run Macroeconometric Model of the Japanese Economy (2006 version)- Basic Structure, Multipliers, and Economic Policy Analyses -
Katsuhiko Masubuchi, Aki Iijima, Hisano Umei, Kouichirou Iwamoto   January,2007
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