ESRI Discussion Paper in 2008

Number with * means the full text is written in Japanese.

ESRI Discussion Paper No.201-No.205
No.205 Do Developing Countries Enjoy the Latecomer's Advantage or Suffer the Latecomer's Disadvantage in Environmental Management?- The Case of SO2 and CO2 Emissions -
Hiroyuki Taguchi, Harutaka Murofushi   December,2008
No.204* Effectiveness and Transmission Mechanism of the Quantitative Monetary Easing Policy
Yutaka HARADA, Minoru MASUJIMA   December,2008
No.203* Dynare and Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models: Application to New Keynesian Models
Koiti Yano   December,2008
No.202 Labor Market Responses to Legal Work Hour Reduction: Evidence from Japan
Daiji Kawaguchi, Hisahiro Naito, Izumi Yokoyama   December,2008
No.201* The ESRI Short-Run Macroeconometric Model of the Japanese Economy (2008 version)
- Basic Structure, Multipliers, and Economic Policy Analyses -

Fumikazu Hida, Kenji Tanaka, Hisano Umei, Koichiro Iwamoto, Hironori Shigihara   November,2008
ESRI Discussion Paper No.194-No.200
No.200* Disaster Risk Management and Supply Chains
Kenji Tanaka, Toshiya Uenoyama   November,2008
No.199* Major Characteristics of Disaster Risk and the Difficulties in its Management:
A Survey of Corporate Disaster Risk Management

Kenji Tanaka   November,2008
No.198* Is Japan an outlier in the information age?:
International comparisons on corporate reforms leveraged by information technology

Akihiko SHINOZAKI, Yusuke YAMAMOTO   October,2008
No.197* The Effect of Intellectual Property Rights on Intra-firm and Arm's-length Technology Transfer: Evidence from Japanese Firm-level Data
Banri Ito   August,2008
No.196* The Household Consumption Tax Burden in Japan
Hiroyuki Yashio, Yuichi Hasegawa   July,2008
No.195* How to evaluate service output
Takanobu Nakajima   June,2008
No.194* Accuracy of measuring business cycle components:Constructing confidence intervals for output gap in Japan based on simulation technique
Satoshi Urasawa, Haruki Seitani   April,2008
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