ESRI Discussion Paper in 2009

Number with * means the full text is written in Japanese.

ESRI Discussion Paper No.221-No.228
No.228* Growth Factors of "Most Populated" Countries and Their Impacts on Developed Countries
Mantaro Matsuya   December, 2009
No.227* How Different Are Non-specialists' Forecasts from Specialists'?
Nobuo IIZUKA, Masaaki KAWAGOE   November, 2009
No.226* North America: Growing Population, Race, Ethnicity and Religion
Yu KOREKAWA, Miho IWASAWA   November, 2009
No.225 The Application of DSGE-VAR Model to Macroeconomic Data in Japan
Toshiaki Watanabe   October, 2009
No.224 Dealing with trends in DSGE models. An application to the Japanese economy
St├ęphane Adjemian, Michel Juillard   October, 2009
No.223* Analysis on correlations and causal relations between ODA disbursement and economic indicators including GDP among DAC countries : How much can GDP explain ODA disbursement?
Masahiro OMURA   September,2009
No.222* The Impact of Public R&D Subsidies on Firm's R&D Activities:Evidence from Japanese firm-level data
Banri Ito, Satoshi Nakano   September,2009
No.221* The Effect of Knowledge Spillover on Japanese Firm's Productivity
Satoshi Nakano, Banri Ito   September,2009
ESRI Discussion Paper No.211-No.220
No.220* A World Economy in 2025 and Chinese Economic Situation
(China's Present Economic Policies can be maintained?)

Noriki Hirose   July,2009
No.219* The Extract and Usage of Common Factors of Macroeconomic Panel Data by Principal Component Analysis
Hirokuni Iiboshi   July,2009
No.218* Corporate Investment Behavior in the Japanese Economy
Tsutomu Miyagawa, Kenji Tanaka   June,2009
No.217* Study on Generational Accounting Model with the Social Security System
Minoru MASUJIMA, Manabu SHIMASAWA, Takaaki MURAKAMI   June,2009
No.216 Fiscal Policy in an Estimated DSGE Model of the Japanese Economy:
Do Non-Ricardian Households Explain All?

Yasuharu Iwata   June,2009
No.215* Social Entrepreneurs and Social Innovation :
International Trend of Research and Japanese Issues

Takashi WATANABE, Mayako TSUYUKI   May,2009
No.214 What Have We Learned from a Survey of Japanese Professional Forecasters?
Taking Stock of Four Years of ESP Forecast Experience

Takao Komine, Kanemi Ban, Masaaki Kawagoe, Hiroshi Yoshida   March,2009
No.213* Research on Management-Style in City/Local Authority Management
Possibilities and Capabilities of Empowerment type model

Soshiro Ohsumi   March,2009
No.212 Environmental Latecomer's Effects in Chinese Provinces
Hiroyuki Taguchi, Harutaka Murofushi   March,2009
No.211* A Survey of Macroeconometric Models of Central Banks
- A Comparison between FPS and JEM

Ayano Sato   March,2009
ESRI Discussion Paper No.206-No.210
No.210* Productivity of Medical Services: TFP (Total Factor Productivity) and DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) of Japanese Hospitals
Kazuyuki Motohashi   March,2009
No.209 The Dynamic Effects of Japanese Macroeconomic Policies: Were There Any Changes in the 1990s?
Yasuyuki Iida, Tatsuyoshi Matsumae   March,2009
No.208* Some Facts on a Link between Worker Flows and Job Flows
Hiroshi Teruyama,Yuji Genda   March,2009
No.207* How Can Japanese Extended Longevity Be Evaluated? An Estimate of a Fruit of Economic Growth
Masaaki Kawagoe   February,2009
No.206 Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models Under a Liquidity Trap and Self-organizing State Space Modeling
Koiti Yano   February,2009
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