ESRI Discussion Paper in 2010

Number with * means the full text is written in Japanese.

ESRI Discussion Paper No.251-No.258
No.258 Dealing with ZLB in DSGE models An application to the Japanese economy
Stéphane Adjemian, Michel Juillard   December, 2010
No.257* Estimating Periodic Length and Phase Shifts of Business Cycles:
An Approach from Model-based Uni- and Multi-variate Bandpass Filter

Hirokuni Iiboshi   December, 2010
No.256* Personnel Costs of Government- Simulation Analysis -
Minoru MASUJIMA   December, 2010
No.255* Child Benefits and Welfare for Current and Future Generations:
Simulation Analyses in an Overlapping-Generations Model with Endogenous Fertility

Kazumasa Oguro, Manabu Shimasawa, Junichiro Takahata   December, 2010
No.254* Analyses of Bequests, Education, and Retirement Allowances in Japan:
Empirical Evidence from Survey Data

Masahiro Hori, Junya Hamaaki, Saeko Maeda, Keiko Murata   December, 2010
No.253 Japan's Public Pension:
The Great Vulnerability to Deflation

Mitsuo Hosen   November, 2010
No.252* Effect of Regional Innovation Policy on Regional Revitalization:
Does the Cluster Policy Have an Impact on Business Start-up Rate?

Naoko Okuyama   November, 2010
No.251* Forecasting of Coincident Composite Index from an Affine Term Structure Model: A Macro-Finance Approach
Tatsuo Ichikawa, Hirokuni Iiboshi   October, 2010
ESRI Discussion Paper No.241-No.250
No.250* Economic recovery scenario planning for the Tokyo inland earthquake
Shingo Nagamatsu, Haruo Hayashi   October, 2010
No.249* On Improving the Estimation Method of Japanese Quarterly GDP
Naoto Kunitomo, Seisho Sato   September, 2010
No.248* Inter- and Intra- generational Inequality
Minoru MASUJIMA, Manabu SHIMASAWA, Goro TANAKA, Masahiro SUGISHITA, Hiroshi YAMAMOTO, Makoto TAKANAKA   September, 2010
No.247* Generational Accounting of Future Generations
Minoru MASUJIMA, Goro TANAKA   September, 2010
No.246* Fiscal Sustainability and Intergenerational Inequality
Minoru MASUJIMA, Goro TANAKA   September, 2010
No.245* The First Micro-simulation Result on Distributional Effects of Introducing Child Allowance in Japan
Noriyuki Takayama, Kousuke Shiraishi   September, 2010
No.244 The Macro and Sectoral Significance of an FTAAP
Kenichi Kawasaki   August, 2010
No.243* How large is the impact of private sector's investment in IT? Simulations of Japan's growth path by macro econometric models
Akihiko SHINOZAKI,Nobuo IIZUKA   August, 2010
No.242 Microsimulation for public policy. Experiences from the Swedish model SESIM
Anders Klevmarken   August, 2010
No.241* The Local Governments' Cost of Disaster Response for the Tokyo Inland Earthquake
Takeshi Miyazaki   August, 2010
ESRI Discussion Paper No.231-No.240
No.240* Salary is Commensurate with Social Capital
Yoshiho MATSUNAGA   July, 2010
No.239* Simulation Analysis of Macroeconomic Impact of Large Scale Earthquake in Tokyo
Motohiro Sato,Kazumasa Oguro   July, 2010
No.238* Empirical Analysis on Japan's IT investment: Outlook of revised data based on the 2005 Input-Output Table
Akihiko SHINOZAKI,Shigehiro KUBOTA,Yusuke YAMAMOTO   July, 2010
No.237 The Earned Income Tax Credit and the U.S. Low-Wage Labor Market
John Karl Scholz   June, 2010
No.236 Measuring Inflation Expectations Using Interval-Coded Data
Yasutomo Murasawa   June, 2010
No.235 The merit of sectoral approaches in transitioning towards a global carbon market
Noriko Fujiwara,Anton Georgiev,Monica Alessi   June, 2010
No.234* How does the first job at graduation matter for female workers in Japan?
Saeko Maeda, Junya Hamaaki, Masahiro Hori, Keiko Murata   March, 2010
No.233* Marginal Tax Rate of Corporate Income Tax using Japanese Firm Data
Yoshie Hayashida, Toshiyuki Uemura   March, 2010
No.232 Is the Japanese employment system degenerating?
Evidence from the Basic Survey on Wage Structure

Junya Hamaaki, Masahiro Hori, Saeko Maeda, Keiko Murata   March, 2010
No.231 Time-varying Analysis of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models
Based on Sequential Monte Carlo Methods

Koiti Yano   February, 2010
ESRI Discussion Paper No.229-No.230
No.230 European Climate Change Policy assessed, with Particular Focus on the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme—Evolution and Key Features to 2020
Frank J. Convery, Corrado Di Maria, Barry Anderson, Jurate Jaraite   February, 2010
No.229 How Does Climate Policy Affect Technical Change? —An Analysis of the Direction and Pace of Technical Progress in a Climate-Economy Model
Carlo Carraro, Emanuele Massetti, Lea Nicita   February, 2010
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