ESRI Discussion Paper in 2011

Number with * means the full text is written in Japanese.

ESRI Discussion Paper No.271-No.280
No.280 Inflation Expectations of Japanese Households:Micro Evidence from a Consumer Confidence Survey
Masahiro Hori,Masaaki Kawagoe   November, 2011
No.279 The expenditure on children in Japan
Masahiro Hori   November, 2011
No.278 Productivity, Ownership, and Producer Concentration in Transition:
Further Evidence from Vietnamese Manufacturing

Eric D. Ramstetter,Phan Minh Ngoc  November, 2011
No.277* IT capital stock tells a little about the growth of Japanese industries:
Industry-level evidence on the economic impact of investment in information technology

Akihiko SHINOZAKI, Shigehiro KUBOTA  October, 2011
No.276* Disaster Prevention and Intergenerational Justice:
A Questionnaire Survey for Sustainable Disaster Management Policy

Shingo Nagamatsu, Motohiro Sato, Takeshi Miyazaki  September, 2011
No.275* The Effect of Agriculture-Related Activities on Firm-Level Productivity of Japanese Rice Farmers
Nobunori Kuga   September, 2011
No.274* Exporters in China: A Comparison with Japanese Exporters
Keiko Ito, Tomohiko Inui, Hyeog Ug Kwon ,Yasuyuki Todo   September, 2011
No.273 Bank Efficiency and Client Firms' Productivity
Daisuke Miyakawa,Tomohiko Inui,Keishi Shoji   September, 2011
No.272 Tariffs, offshoring and unemployment in a two-country model
Ken-ichi Hashimoto   September, 2011
No.271* Consumer Policy and Resource Management
Tadashi Yukimoto, Kayo Murakami, Tatsuya Maruyama   August, 2011
ESRI Discussion Paper No.261-No.270
No.270 Declining Long-Term Employment in Japan
Daiji Kawaguchi, Yuko Ueno   August, 2011
No.269* Environmental Conservation Simulation for Tianjin in China (III)
-Introduction of environmental and energy technology suitable for city and agricultural area-

Yuji Sakai, Satoshi Nakano, Hirofumi Kito   July, 2011
No.268* Environmental Conservation Simulation for Tianjin in China(II)
-Health Damage Reduction by Desulfurization Activities of Small Sources-

Hirofumi Kito, Satoshi Nakano, Yuji Sakai   July, 2011
No.267* Environmental Conservation Simulation for Tianjin in China(I)
-Estimation of Tianjin Inter-regional Input-Output Table and CO2&SO2 Emissions-

Satoshi Nakano, Hirofumi Kito, Yuji Sakai   July, 2011
No.266* Collaboration between Japan and China for Reducing CO2 emissions:
An Analysis based on World-Wide Dynamic CGE Model

Kanemi Ban   June, 2011
No.265 European perspectives on NTM and tariff liberalization
Joseph Francois, Miriam Manchin, Hanna Norberg   April, 2011
No.264 Food Consumption Expenditure and Habit Formation:
Evidence from Japanese Household Panel Data

Koichiro Iwamoto   February, 2011
No.263* Information technology pays off:
Firm-level evidence among reformers in Japan, the U.S., Germany, and Korea

Akihiko SHINOZAKI, Yasumoto SATO   February, 2011
No.262* Social Capital for Regional Science and Technology Innovation
- Regional Cluster Program Reviewed from "trust"-

Hirotaka Kawashima, Kei Kawashima   February, 2011
No.261* Decomposition of Trend and Cycle;
An Application to Real GDP and Unemployment Rate in Japan

Hirokuni Iiboshi   February, 2011
ESRI Discussion Paper No.259-No.260
No.260* A study of post-modern typed planning model in master plan
From the two case studies ,"Imagine Matsudo","Odawara City"

Soshiro OHSUMI   January, 2011
No.259* The ESRI Short-Run Macroeconometric Model of the Japanese Economy (2011 version)
- Basic Structure, Multipliers, and Economic Policy Analyses -

Takashi Sakuma, Minoru Masujima, Saeko Maeda, Kohei Fukawa, Koichiro Iwamoto   January, 2011
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