Current Research

We conduct policy analyses and develop tools for economic analyses like macroeconometric models that contribute to improved policymaking.

Current Research Topics

Improving GDP statistics

  • Research on transferring to the system based on Supply and Use Tables (SUT)
  • Research on measuring medical issues, elderly care, and educational output, among other topics
  • Research on measuring the sharing economy.

Developing and maintaining econometric and other models

  • Maintaining and improving the Short-Run Macroeconometric Model of the Japanese Economy
  • Developing a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model (DSGE model)
  • Developing a computable general equilibrium model (CGE model)

Economic analysis on household behavior

Research on measuring potential socio-economic growth

S&T and economy

Disaster prevention and mitigation

  • Research on policy directions for disaster prevention and mitigation

International matters

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