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The latest Past Entries

  • Mar 24, '17
    Discussion Paper No.334

    Does “arbitrage” work well among loans, bonds and stocks?-The effects of monetary policy on equity finance-

  • Mar 31, '16
    Discussion Paper No.330

    Impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake on the Production Recovery Dynamics

  • Mar 31, '16
    Discussion Paper No.329

    Impacts of Government Spending on Unemployment: Evidence from a Medium-scale DSGE Model

  • Mar 31, '16
    Discussion Paper No.328

    Detecting the Negative Information Effect on Food Demand: The Case of Rice Harvested before Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

  • Feb 29, '16
    Discussion Paper No.327

    The Effects of Disaster Risk Information on the Real Estate Market in Japan: A Hedonic Approach

  • Feb 05, '16
    Discussion Paper No.326

    The Role of Productivity Growth Rates for Rising Inequality in an Economy with Heterogeneous Agents

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