ESRI International Conference 2016
Conference on Management and Organizational Practices Surveys

Date: August 3rd, 2016, 14:15-18:15
Venue:Conference room in the ADBI, Tokyo

Opening Remarks (14:15-14:20)

First session (14:20-15:20)
Professor Nicholas Bloom: What Drives Differences in Management?
Q&A (15:10-15:20)
Second session (15:25-16:05)
Dr. Renata Lemos: Management in Pakistan: First Evidence from Punjab
Q&A (15:55-16:05)

【Coffee break,16:05-16:25】

Third session (16:25-17:05)
Dr. Catherine Buffington: The US MOPS: An Overview
Q&A (16:55-17:05)
Fourth session (17:10-18:10)
Mr. Taisuke Kameda, Professor Ryo Kambayashi
: Pre-Survey in FY2015 and the prospect of JP-MOPS in FY2016
Presentation SlidesI will open in a new window(PDF-Format 832 KB)
Q&A (18:00-18:10)

Closing Remarks (18:10-18:15)

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